Screenshot_2015-10-28-13-38-16The Plan:

I’ve been running my Kamdum website for a few years now, it’s been through a number of changes but finally it feels as if its settling down and becoming the website I originally planned. As part of the¬†process of change I had made my site responsive so that it looked slick on tablet and phone. It was at this point I decided that I could quiet easily make this an Android native app by simply dropping the web site in a web view. So, that was my plan.

The Outcome:

Actually making the app wasn’t as simple as I first thought, sure webview renders the site nicely, but that’s about as far as it goes. What I hadn’t considered is that I would need to add extras such as a progress bar, the ability to upload from a device, rotation (without re-rendering) and theming. To be honest none of it was particularly difficult it’s all well documented, it was just a case of doing it.

As the app stands now, I’m really proud of it, although it is a website in a web view it does look native and responds really well across devices. So if you want a place to chat and share in private, give my app a whirl: Play Store